PARTICIPANTS: Àsìkò 2014 “A History of Contemporary Art in Dakar in 5 Weeks”




Participating Artists include: Victoria Udondian (NIG), Fatric Bewong (GH), Mimi Cherono Ng’ok (KEN), Tyna Adebowale (NIG), Stary Mwaba (ZAM), Tijani Mohammed (GH), Mady Sima (SEN), and Nana Afari Darko (GH).

VictoriaVictoria Samuel Udondian, b. 1982

Victoria Udondian trained as a tailor and fashion designer. Her work today is informed by her interest in textiles and the capacity of clothing to shape identity. Her penchant in textiles revolves around the impact that second-hand clothing has had on the West-African textiles industry and on cultural identity. She is interested in confronting notions of ‘authenticity’ and ‘cultural contamination’. Udondian studied at the University of Uyo, graduating with a BA in Painting in 2004. She was recently included in ‘We Face Forward, Arts from West Africa Today’ at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester. Her work has also been shown at Casa dei Tre Oci, (Guidecca, Venezia), King’s Theatre, South Sea, UK, Bag Factory Studios in Johannesburg, Yusuf Grillo Gallery, Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Lagos. Artist residencies include Islinton Mill (Salford, Manchester), Fondazione di Venezia (Italy), Bag Factory Artist Studios and and CCA /Triangle Arts Trust (Nigeria). Udondian is an active member of various art groups and collectives, including the Society of Nigerian Artists and the Catalyst Women Arts and Science in Portsmouth, UK.

Victoria Udondian lives and works in Lagos, Nigeria.


fatricFatric Bewong

Born in 1981, Fatric Bewong lives and works in Accra, Ghana. Bewong is an artist who deals with painting, installation and performances. Bewong completed her Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana in 2006. Since 2011, she has focused her practices on the waste that is found on the coastline of Ghana. She recycles the plastic that she collects into hand-stitched permanent or temporary costumes, which she uses for her site-specific performances. Her projects raise awareness on how our human action is a threat to the environment and how we could transform these plastics into functional items. Bewong has exhibited in the USA, Germany, Nigeria and Ghana, at institutions including the San-Diego Museum, the Institute of African Studies, the Alliance Francaise, the Geothe Institut, and the British Council. Her works are included in the collections of Institute of African Studies, Dei Center for Contemporary African Studies, Artists Alliance Gallery, and Foundation for Contemporary art. She recently participated in the Pan-African residency coordinated by the Centre of Contemporary Art, Lagos on the theme “Archive: Static, Embodied, Practiced.”


MimiMimi Cherono Ng’ok

Born in 1983, Mimi Cherono Ng’ok is a Kenyan photographer, based in Nairobi.  In 2006, she completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts from the University of Cape Town. With support from the Edward Ruiz Photography Mentorship Award, Cherono completed a photographic series on African immigrants living in South Africa and had a solo exhibition at the Market Photo Workshop gallery in Johannesburg and Maputo. She has participated in exhibitions in Cape Town, Nairobi, Atri (Italy), Tarifa (Spain) and Berlin. In 2011, Cherono won 1st place in the PhotoAfrica contest for her photograph ‘Self-portrait.’  In 2010, she was commissioned by the African Arts Institute in Cape Town, to support the publication ‘Voices, African Artists living and working in Cape Town;’ her photographs are included with a compilation of testimonials documenting refugees artists living in South Africa. Recently, she was selected as a 2013 Sacatar fellow in Bahia, Brazil.


TinaTyna Adebowale 

Tyna Adebowale is a Nigerian visual artist whose work is influenced by the political landscape and atmosphere of her country. She utilises texts in compiling dialogues taken from social media that tackles issues of Nigeria’s dysfunctional political state. In another body of her work, she creates mosaic-like aesthetics using oil paints on canvas. Using the female body, she looks at critical issues such as silence, sexuality, and the identity of women.

Adebowale recently received the Conoco-Phillips Art Grant Award for Painting and Exhibition (Nike Arts Centre, Lagos), and 3rd Place Prize Winner, ‘Sharing a Common Heritage’ Embassy of Spain Art Competition, Abuja. She has participated in workshops and residencies including: “The Archive: Static, Embodied, Practiced” 3rd International Art Programme, Accra (Foundation for Contemporary Art, Ghana & Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos), Global Crit Clinic, Accra, History/Matter: International Art Residency, (Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos). The Maker: New Contemporaries. African Artist Foundation (AAF Lagos). She has been included in many group art exhibitions, some of which includes: U.S. MISSION NIGERIA, Nigerian Art in The USA Ambassador’s Residence Abuja; Generational Statement (Thought Pyramid Art Gallery,Abuja); Nigeria @50 Art Exhibition, The Velodrone, (Abuja); Blossom, (Yar ‘Adua Centre), Colors and Creativity, National Museum, Lagos, Nigeria.

She lives and works in Lagos.


StaryStary Mwamba

Stary Mwaba, a self-taught artist, was born in Chingola, Zambia. Mwaba spent two years as an apprentice at Rockston Studios 1985 in Lusaka (Zambia). He participated in the Academy Without Walls programme in Lusaka. Mwaba was a recipient of the Commonwealth Arts and Craft Award. Mwaba has exhibited both locally and internationally; indiviual exhibitions include ‘Freedom in Transition’ (Lusaka National Museum), ‘Solace of a Migrant’ (Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, South Africa), ‘Crossing Over’ (Caribbean Contemporary Arts 7, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago). Mwaba has been artist-in-residence at Watermill Residency (New York), the Caribbean Contemporary Arts 7, the Thapong International Artist Workshop (Gaborone, Botswana), the Braziers International Artists Workshop (England) and the Wasani International Artists Workshop (Lamu, Kenya). Mwaba has collaborated with students at the National College of Arts, Dublin to produce work investigating Africa’s relationship to the global financial crisis. He is currently preparing for a solo exhibition at the Lusaka National Museum.


TJAhmed Tijani Tijay Mohammed

Born in Kintampo, Ghana in 1985, Tijay is an alumnus of Ghanatta College of Art and Design (Accra, Ghana). His works are predominantly paintings and have been exhibited locally and internationally at the Artexpo New York, Harlem Fine Arts Show and the National Museum of Ghana. He has participated in the 3rd International Art Programme and Global Crit Clinic (Accra, Ghana), the 2nd Annual Conference of the Pan-African Competitiveness Forum (Elmina, Ghana), CANADEV (Lagos, Nigeria) and the Harmattan Workshop (Delta State, Nigeria). Tijay was awarded the Artwork of the Day New York Art Expo 2011, and 2nd prize Spanish Embassy Rapid Painting Competition (Ghana). His work is featured in the permanent collections of the National Museum Ghana, TV 3 Network, Golden Tulip Hotel (Accra), Alliance Francaise (Accra) and the Bruce Onobrapkeya Foundation (Nigeria). Tijay’s work has been featured in the Arts and Artist magazine (Nigeria).

He currently lives and works in Accra, Ghana.


madyMady Sima

After obtaining a Bachelors degree, Mady Sima joined the Department of Cultural Training and Research, Plastic Arts at the National School of Art in Senegal in 2005. After four years of good standing, Sima obtained a Masters of Fine Art with Good Mention in 2009.

Mady Sima often animates workshops with children, young people in painting, drawing, manual works and collage, in schools and cultural centres, such as Human Apple international, Foundation Freidich Naumann, Atelier Fer et Verre, Village des Arts (Art Village). He has participated in many exhibitions: Dossiers de Candidature à l’immigration” à l’IFAN, 2008; Project « Tambacounda-Genève-Dakar » (TGD), IFAN, 2008; Graduation Exhibition of the National School of Arts at the National Gallery, 2010; Group exhibition at Foundation Friedrich Naumann for Freedom, 2012; Workshop / Forum for « Liberty and National Questions, 2012; Workshop / Résident with TANG MUSEUM artists from NEW YORK, 2012; Wall Mural at West African Research Center (WARC) , 2012; Biennale Dak’Art 2012, collective painting with professor Teemu Maki from Finland; and Espace Vema.

Mady Sima lives and works in Dakar, Sénégal.


IMG_0099Nana Afari Darko

Nana Afari Darko is a Ghanaian artist, whose work deconstructs news media and advertisements, and re-assembles them into mostly sculptural objects and installations to question socio-political issues of Ghana. In 2009, he received his BFA in Sculpture from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi. He has participated in various art workshops and projects which include: Art in Public Spaces, Foundation for Contemporary Art, Ghana (2010), Plastic Art workshop, coordinated by Romulo Celdran and organized by Spanish Embassy (2011), Chalewote Street Art Festival, 2011 and Global Crit Clinic facilitated by Kiang Ford, 2012 (Accra, Ghana).

He currently lives and works in Accra, Ghana.


Participating Curators include: Violet Nantume (UG) and Mthabisi Phili (ZIM).

Violet Nantume

9287_520894507937984_1129481074_nBorn in I987,  Violet Nantume graduated from Makerere University, where she majored in jewelry making and Ugandan Contemporary Art History. With experience in metal casting and foundry practices, her jewelry making explores the use of locally available clay, which is uncommon in today’s Ugandan fashion market. She has discovered clay to be both cost effective and fluid in expression. She assisted the directors of the first contemporary public art exhibition in Uganda, KLA ART 2012, in both the formative and implementation stages of the show. She has also curated an art space at the International Women’s Day celebration 2013, in which the public collectively painted a mural on the “past, present and future of the Independent Woman.” Hitherto, with her current position as an education manager at 32 degrees East (Ugandan Arts Trust), Nantume has taken interest in theory of identity in Ugandan Art History, buoyed by an emphasis in public art. She is currently designing an informal education system, which includes life skills, art theories and art technique for art practitioners from all backgrounds at 32 Degrees East.


Mthabisi PhiliMthabisi Phili

Mthabisi Phili resides in Bulawayo and is a member of Independent Curators International. He has worked on the following exhibitions: Discovering Our Identities (2008), Blue-pencil (2010), Perception 360 (2011), and P.S. my SpeaK and Reciprocal Narratives (2012). He has worked with Intwasa Arts Festival as a Visual Arts Consultant and Curator. In 2011, he founded Voices in Colour, an organisation whose mission is to connect contemporary cultures. Prior to full-time curatorial practice, he served as Exhibitions Officer for the Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo from 2007-2009.

As a writer, his writings and poems have been published in various anthologies and magazines including; A Poet’s Sourcebook, Intwasa Poetry Anthology, Daybreak, Poets from Bulawayo, Art-life Magazine and others.

He has been an active writer and critic since 2002. In 2007, he taught Literature in English at Mpopoma High School his former school. He has contributed to both the visual, literary and contemporary culture of Zimbabwe. He has recited and performed in various venues and festivals in Zimbabwe as well as internationally.


Participating Artists include: Kelani Abass (NIG); Augustina Adebowale (NIG); Ato Annan (GH); Jacqueline Karuti (KEN);Chidinma Nnorom (NIG); Richardson Ovbiebo (NIG); Mthabisi Phili (ZIM);Thabiso Sekgala (SA); Portia Zvavahera (ZIM) and curator; Jabulani Pereira (SA)

Nnorom Chidinma is a Visual Artist, born on the 14th of September, 1985 in Lagos State, Nigeria. She holds a Higher National Diploma in Graphics Design from Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, Nigeria, in 2009.

Chidinma started photography as a student when she participated in the “Paris-Lagos” Photo exchange project, which brought together students from the Fine Art School of Paris and a selected counterpart from the Yaba College of Arts.

In 2010, she took part in the Photography workshop  “On Independence and The Ambivalence of Promise” at The Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos. In the same year, she was invited to partake in the 2nd edition of the Invisible Borders Photography Project which was held from April to May 2010. She travelled with a team of 10 Nigerian photographers from Lagos Nigeria to Dakar Senegal within a period of 20 days.

Her works have been shown in exhibitions such as The Paris – Lagos photo exchange project, at the Alliance Française, Lagos, in 2008; ‘On Independence and the Ambivalence of Promise’, at The Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos, in 2010; Invisible Borders 2010 ’The Idea of Africa (Re-invented)’, at the Kunsthalle Bern, Switzerland, and at The 3rd World Black Festival of Arts Dakar, Senegal, In 2010. In 2011, she took part in a National Arts Competition organized by African Artist Foundation, Lagos.


Jackie the Third (Jackie III) Karuti is a Kenyan female artist with a background in multimedia design and what she describes as funky modern dance. ‘The Third’ majorly works with acrylics on canvas and paper as well as in multimedia. Her paintings are most notable for their warm vivid colors and usually incline towards semi-abstract and partial realism. ‘The Third’ recently started compiling work based on various concepts and these are set to be showcased as ‘performance art’ in the near future. She describes her visual and performance work as deeply provocative yet blissful and is largely inspired by secret musings in her mind. Besides being a visual and performance artist, The Third also writes and models.


Jabulani Chen Pereira graduated from New York University. She Holds a master’s degree in Museum Studies.  Her thesis titled Museum Exhibitions, Mass Violence and Human Rights, examines and tracks the display and use of found photographs taken by perpetrators and exhibited within museums. Prior to her studies, she worked extensively on human rights programs within South Africa.  She is currently working on visual memory and integrates her photographic work with issues of history (fact and fiction), human rights and memory.  During her time in New York, she collaborated with Prof. Peter Lucas and assisted in the producing a film titled, Mural of Pain. This film focuses on photographs and memories of families in Brazil who lost loved ones due to gun violence.  She also worked with Prof Jian Chen and co-curated an exhibition, titled SKIN.

In South Africa she curated two exhibitions titled, Reflections on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (Red Location Museum, Nelson Mandela Metro) and 100 Years of Women in Law (Travelling Exhibition).

Jabu is a member of the Center for Historical Reenactments (CHR) and works at the Alf Kumalo Museum in Johannesburg.


Thabiso Sekgala

Born in 1981 in Soweto, Sekgala joined the Market Photo Workshop in 2008 and completed both the Foundation and Intermediate courses in that same year. He has exhibited in France as part of the group show ‘Cétàvoir Festival’ in 2009 as well as at ‘Borders’ 2009 at GoetheonMain and ‘Considering Documentary’ 2010 at the Market Photo Workshop. 2010 Re-found’, Re-groupshow, Drongen, Belgium.2010. “2010 Awarded Tierney Fellowship”, 2011 New York PhotoFestival, 2011 Basic Reality Good Man Gallery Johanesburg.2012 Working Title Goodman Gallery CapeTown, 2012 Shoe Shop, Goethe Institute Johannesburg

Thabiso’s interest in photography is mostly influence by a way of working without defining his photography to any genre ,but at the same time using convention that are there  in different  genre .Currently he is interested  in working within documentary. He likes how photographers like William Eggleton, Stephen Shore, and Alec Soth have able to create in their photographic careers. His way of working is still experimental and finding his own ways of seeing and looking beyond what he can see. Thabiso is interested in how photography is not only use to show what is there, but to be use as a platform   of thinking broader about a lot of social issues.


 Portia Zvavahera

Using painting and printmaking as media Portia interprets that which she depicts from her dreams, life experiences in comforting and irritating moments. Her work serves as a personal diary. Portia mainly depict her dreams which she hardly forgets. She expresses herself through painting and printmaking relieving her off the burden which she carries when she does not put it across visually which serves as a healing process and to other people.  Portia wants people to know that there are spiritual battles in life and that there is always someone wishing you bad luck whilst you try to make things happen in your life.

She always encourages people to have a positive mindset, to start seeing things in a positive way because we are conquerors in every situation. We cannot do without God because he gave us power to create and change situations in life.


Richardson Obviebo

Graduated as a sculptor in 2007 from Yaba College of Technology. Born on the 28th of March 1982, a native of  Igbanke in Edo State. He is interested in the roles individuals play as mirrors of their environment i.e their actions and inactions. He is also  interested in daily life materials and objects because they suggest a message, give a clue into the life pattern of people, they tell us how people interact with their environment. He had his first solo exhibition in October 2011 titled “The Forms I Heard”. He  has participated in various group exhibitions, workshops and residencies including (selected) : Ravy 2012 at Galerie d’art Contemporain in Yaounde, Cameroon( April 2012); Red Heritage in Accra, Ghana(April 2012); Bakassi Peninsul’art workshop in Limbe, Cameroon( April 2012); A Kilo of Hope at Oke afa,Isolo, Lagos (march 2011); Lost in Lagos-the artist experience at the White Space, Lagos (March 2011); On Independence and the Ambivalence of Promise at the Center for Contemporary Art, Lagos (march 6 2010); He was a Facilitator Metal construction at the Harmattan Workshop (February 8, 2010); Richardson was the first prize winner (sculpture),Nigerian breweries and African Artist Foundation, National Arts competition; Nigeria the Future i see,Civic Center, Lagos(December 2009); First prize winner – Fashion Designers Association of Nigeria and African Artist Foundation Competition; Design Inspired by Fashion.,Civic Center, Lagos(November 2009); and a finalist (Creative Artist of the Year), Future Award Nigeria(January 2010).


Kelani Abass

Kelani Abass lives and works in Lagos, he studied Fine Art majoring in Painting at Yaba College Of Technology, Lagos, and graduated with a distinction. His flair for Art was discovered at a tender age by his Printer Father who encouraged him with unlimited supply of materials; offcut papers, printing inks etc, such access and exposure to various coloured materials enabled him to weave them into beautiful collage formations, cards, toys, matt designs and drawings.

He has had two solo exhibitions and participated in several workshops, group and joint exhibitions including a 2 Week Residency Programme by CCA Lagos and Triangle Workshop, Alakuko, Lagos in 2010.

He won the first prize Award in the Caterina de Medici, Italy/ Lagos Black Heritage International Painting Competition in 2010.

His last exhibition Man and Machine was influenced by his experience in his father’s printing press, from where his works began to question the complex interaction between West society and Africa; the use of newspaper tabloids as a tool of suppression using printing as a medium. He uses machine parts as a metaphor observing the way machines operate as different parts, to achieve a common goal. He laid emphasis on the mechanism of wheels as singular units, as they propel movement in machines, all working together to achieve a common end which illustratively reflects the basic need for individuals to work together as one with combinative efforts.


Adebowale Tyna

Lives and work in Lagos and Abuja, Nigeria.
Tyna Adebowale is a visual artist, whose interest in art is focused on making political statement with her site-specific photography, installations and as well as solving social issues in her paintings as it affects women, children and the society at large.
Adebowale grew up in the hills of Kukuruku, Igarra, Edo state, where she had her primary and secondary school education. Her in-born artistic talent was encouraged by her mother; who is also an artist, though without any formal art training.

As an artist, she has been actively involved in art programmes, exhibitions, workshops and conferences. She owns and runs Tyna Adebowale Studio, where she also tutors young, aspiring artists.

In 2000, Adebowale enrolled in the department of Painting and General Arts, School of Art and Design, Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo state, where she obtained her Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in 2003. In 2004, she went back for her Higher National Diploma (HND) and graduated in 2005 in the same institution.

Adebowale is deeply influenced by her immediate community/surrounding, environment and its people, the politics as well as social lifestyle of peoples. This has propelled her into making political statements, using photography in some of her art projects like: ‘Borderless Edges’, that documents the aftermath of the reoccurring bomb blasts and religious crisis in her country, The Vortex, a project documenting the effects of an Abuja ghetto community, lifestyle, the health hazard on the habitants life. Works of the impressionist movement, the cubists as well as mosaics are a major influence in her paintings. These art movements and technique is evident in her several art experiments as well as the development and growth of her preferred technique and style of painting-Mosaics on Canvass.

She is a versatile artist, whose major medium of expression in her paintings is Oil on Canvass as well as other painting mediums like watercolour, gouache, pencil and pastels. An artist with considerable number of commissions, her works are found in and outside the shores of Nigeria.

STATEMENT: “My art is a working project on a continuous internal and external quest to break new grounds in art creativity, researches, discoveries, and even inventions. This is the unending quest I seek. Daily, I crave for anything art and I plan to remain very relevant in times to come. My art is dynamic as it is unpredictable”-TYNA ADEBOWALE 2011


Mthabisi Phili is a visual artist, writer and independent curator.

He primarily works in mixed media 2 and 3 dimensions working from aluminium and newspaper materials. His artistic practices, initially informed by the Zimbabwean experience (situation) in the Mugabe era; from there he has projected to tackle the idea of ‘the image in space/places, actions and responsibility’. His series on the ‘image’ of the Police, the State and balance between ‘individual bodies’ and ‘institutional systems’ is about critically questioning and re-interpreting the politics of the status quo. He uses the image of the ‘Police-man’ to explore a multi-plural of issues such as the ‘Police state,’ censorship-restriction, big brother, the social contract, accountability in the spaces we occupy.

He has exhibited in Zimbabwe and internationally since 2002.As a result of his socio-economic, political and critical artworks; in 2010 he was a highly recommended artist for Freedom to Create and also the same year he exhibited in Cape Town at Africa Speaks and Connects Digital Exhibition: Climate Change Africa. He has also exhibited in Mumbai-India, Sarajevo-Herzegovina, Anna Tzarev Gallery -New York, Cairo, and CCA-Lagos2010, 2012.

As an Independent Curator he has curated since 2008: Discovering Our Identities2008, Blue-pencil2010 and Perception360-2011. He has curated private shows as well as for Intwasa Arts Festival where he currently serves as Visual Arts Consultant and Curator. Prior to fulltime artistic practice he served as Exhibitions Officer for the Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo in 2006-2008.

His writings and poems have been published in various anthologies and online, He was a member of the Poetry Circle Bulawayo2002-2005.


Ato Anan is a Ghanaian artist whose work consist of multilayered paper collages of advertisement posters torn from the streets of Accra and he also makes use of a generous amount of text culled from “trotros”, kiosk, food stalls etc, a phenomenon he refers to as ‘Urban Proverbs’. His work is a portrait of his urban space at its schizophrenic ephemeron.

His works have been exhibited in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Italy, Holland, Denmark and the United States of America and can be found in places including the British Council – Accra, Ghana, Goethe – Institut – Accra, Ghana, W.E.B. Dubois Centre- Accra, Ghana, Whatcom Community College-Bellingham, USA and Casoria Contemporary Art Museum-Napoli, Italy.


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